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If you’re reading this website, your prognosis is good! Your intuition is telling you that you need to talk to somebody. My experience and training allow me to respect the uniqueness of each client, to discern their growing edge, and to help them discover better ways of living.

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Philip for three years. Philip provides a warm and comfortable environment both physically and mentally. He has been very accommodating and understanding of busy schedules. He has been a great therapist from day one. I have recommended him to several people." Mario R. (Hospital Administrator)

We Can Meet via Telehealth or at my Office in the Guest House behind my Home

"The attempt to be emotionally honest is the wellspring of everything else that comes from analytic psychotherapy. The cultivation of a relationship that fosters emotional honesty remains the central task of the therapist."

– Nancy McWilliams

Podcasts Hosted By Dr. Lance

Dr. Philip Lance is a regular host at New Books in Psychoanalysis where he interviews authors of recently published books on the topic of psychoanalysis.


Beyond Psychotherapy: On Becoming a (Radical) Psychoanalyst

July 2019

This book illuminates a new perspective on the radicality of genuinely psychoanalytic discourse as the unique science of healing… Listen to the podcast


Jouissance: Sexuality, Suffering, and Satisfaction

Darian Leader    November 2021

Although the term ‘jouissance’ is common currency in psychoanalysis today, how much does it really tell us? While often taken to designate a fusion of sexuality, suffering and satisfaction, the term has fallen into a purely descriptive use that closes down more questions than it opens up. Although assumed to explain the coalescence of pleasure and pain, it tends to cover a range of quite different issues that should be distinguished rather than conflated. Listen to the podcast


Psychotherapeutic Engagements With LGBTQ+ Patients and Their Families

Jack Drescher, December 2020

In this episode, Philip Lance interviews Jack Drescher, a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who is an expert in psychotherapy with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients. … Listen to the podcast


The Work of Whiteness: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

Helen Morgan July 2022

Psychoanalysis helps us to see things hidden in plain sight, like the racism latent in the idea of Whiteness. Helen Morgan makes this clear in her book which combines a plurality of psychoanalytic perspectives, including Jungian, Kleinian, Bionian, and Relational ones. Listen to the podcast

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